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Nu Omega, Beta Sigma Phi
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About Us

Beta Sigma Phi is 75 years young!

Our History

Beta Sigma Phi International is a non-academic sorority with 200,000 members in chapters around the world. Founded in Abilene, Kansas in 1931 by Walter W. Ross, the organization has spread to every state of the United States, to every Canadian province, and to 30 other countries. The sorority was founded for the social, cultural, and civic enrichment of its members. Donations of approximately $1 million have been made to medical research and treatment and to such institutions as homes for children.

Beta Sigma Phi is not a secret society. The Greek letters of its name represent Life, Learning and Friendship, which is the organization's motto.

In 1931, during the Great Depression, there was a need for an organization that could bring women together and expose them to a social, cultural and educational climate that was not available in those difficult times.

Most important, there was a need for friendship and support from other women. Beta Sigma Phi was created out of this need. It did not take long before Beta Sigma Phis were helping others.

Members worked together to raise $22 million in war bonds during World War II. The 1950s brought peace and prosperity to the world, and Beta Sigma Phi membership doubled.

This era was filled with grand balls, elegant teas and the growing strength of sisterhood as thousands of women joined Beta Sigma Phi. As the times have changed, so has Beta Sigma Phi.

The 1960s and 1970s found our organization less formal, but the ideals were the same. Now in the 21st Century, our over 165,000 members find the more we grow, the more valuable we become to our sisters and to our communities. The Beta Sigma Phi woman will continue to face challenges and cherish opportunities as she moves into the future.

Typical chapters enjoy socials that range from informal gatherings to gala affairs that often include friends and family. Fascinating cultural programs offer insight into subjects that range from the arts to gardening to in-home businesses. Membership in our organization provides opportunities to contribute to your community, develop lifelong friendships, and polish leadership skills.

Our members raise more than $3 million for local charities and donate over 200,0000 volunteer hours in an average year. Each chapter determines its own service projects and participation is always voluntary. Chapters have created their own International Funds that donate millions of dollars to health research groups, hunger projects, and other worthwhile causes.

Members and their families can receive assistance through our International Loan, Scholarship and Disaster Funds. What Makes Us Unique? Unlike a college sorority, our organization has members of all ages and educational backgrounds. Our sisterhood constantly redefines itself through the diversity and vitality of its members who share their ideas, talents and enthusiasm.

That is why we are known around the world as "The Friendship Organization".

Find Out More About Beta Sigma Phi. We're dedicated to helping women fulfill their lives. Whether your fulfillment lies in making new friends, helping your community, or just finding time for you --- the choice is yours.

Would you like to learn more about how you can join a chapter of Beta Sigma Phi, or start your own chapter in your area? We'll be happy to share all the benefits of being a member of "The Friendship Organization."



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